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Other names: Fairies (Fran)
Born: Date Unknown
Species: Valokas
Reality: Second (Born in First)
Occupation: N/A

The Valokas are creatures of pure light, and are born in the First Reality.

They embody the human concept of virtue, and as such are the opposites of Kamalas.

Powers Edit

  • Extremely long lifespan, possibly immortal
  • Nigh-omniscience
  • Can travel to other realities


Valokas are tall, yellow humanoids made of light. Their bodies closely resemble trees, and they are most ofter seen wearing a veil of some sort that shines brightly. Underneath their masks, Valokas have black dots for eyes, and no other discernable features.

Adult Valokas wear helmets that cover their faces, while young ones don't.


Valokas are calm beings, who remain silent most of the time.

They are always happy to help some one but to avoid hurting the balance of the universe, refuse to do so when the person that asks for help has a great destiny, as those can only be achieved if the person doesn't receive help.


  • A Valokas reaches adulthood after 299 792 459 years, according to León Castillo's book.
    • This number is the value of the speed of light in meters per second, plus 1.
  • Valokas means "having light", from valo, "light", in Finnish.