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  • ThunderGemios10

    Hello Fran Bow community!

    I am ThunderGemios10, Founder of the Fran Bow wiki and it seems that Killmonday's working on a new game!

    Once the game's title and gameplay will be revealed. I am launching a wiki for it!

    Look forward to it! :)


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  • ThunderGemios10

    HD Images required

    October 6, 2015 by ThunderGemios10

    Hey guys!

    Just making a short notice that please acquire HD images of characters.

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  • ThunderGemios10

    All pictures that shows Fran Bow or Fran Bow related pictures must have a "Fair Use" license embedded.

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  • ThunderGemios10

    All characters pages must follow this standard format.

    • Character Name
    • Quote (The Character's best quote in the game)
    • About (brief, details their current role in the story, perhaps roles held prior in the story)
    • Appearance (describe the character's appearance)
    • Personality (Describe the character's personality)
    • History
    • Trivia
    • Gallery (if applicable)
    • Category
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  • ThunderGemios10

    Hi guys!

    This is the first blog post for Fran Bow's wiki

    and gonna make this short.


    I have just enabled Achievements and Chats to the wiki so everyone can have fun and communicate each other.

    Well that's all nothing else here.

    That's all for the first blog post.



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