Other names: N/A
Developer(s): Killmonday Games HB
Publisher(s): Killmonday Games HB
Release Date(s):
Designer(s): Natalia Figueroa
Programmer(s): Daniele Giardini
Writer(s): Natalia Figueroa
Composer(s): Isak Martinsson
Engine: Game Maker Studio
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux
Genre(s): Platfformer, Puzzle
Mode(s): Single-player

Penpals is a game develope by Killmonday Game with collaboration of programmer Daniele Giardini.


The main protagonist is a bear who writes letters to his friend. One day his friends falls ill and needs help recovering. Teddy decides to traverse the landscape polluted by humans in order to to get to his friend's house and take care of him.


Penpals is a platformer game when you avoid obstacles and try to get to Teddy´s friend house before he runs out of oxygen.



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