Mr. Red
Other names:
Born: Unknown
Species: Puppet
Reality: Third
Relationships: Natalia (friend)

Isak (friend) Princess Pink (ex-girlfriend)

Mr. Red The Puppet is the mascot of Killmonday Games, he was first introduced in the Killmonday´s Development Blogs and has made several appearances there ever since. Killmonday has made two jam games featuring Mr. Red as the main protagonist.


Mr. Red is a small puppet made from red cloth. He has two bulging eyes, an orange nose and hands.


He is shown to sometimes be cranky, selfish and hysterical, pushing Natalia and Isak to be the center of attention. Aside from this, Mr. Red also has a great heart.

Appearances in gamesEdit


  • A lot of fans have compared his appearance to Elmo and the creators have confirmed that he is actually a bad Elmo parody.
  • Mr. Red has a background cameo in Fran Bow. In the first chapter he can be seen in a box of toys in Adelaida Fugents room.