Market of Ithersta
Market of ithersta
Vital statistics
Inhabitants Roots and Insects
Reality Second

The Market of Ithersta is a location in Chapter 3. Fran must speak with several of the Itherstanise located there in order to progress her quest to return home. The clock repairman, Cogwind will fix the season clock and give you a small remote (in return for one coin) that can change the season clock from close distances away. Prooter, the muscular and tall root will (for three coins) give you a hook. The fabric seller will give you thread for fishing line which you may attach to the fishing rod. An almost blind dung beetle, does not help the game progress but sells 'plobbas' which you will find is actually faeces. There is a caterpillar that sells some food but like the beetle you cannot attain these items. The newspaper ant has no attainable items either, but you can gain a little information from him. Zelma is the baby root at yet another food stall, who will help you with his song 'math'. Math gives hints at the answer to the Itward lock code.

~NOTE: If you need coins, an old snail will happily give you some one if you can beat him in a game of tic-tac-toe and will continue to whenever you win~

People of interest Edit

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