Mantis Dancer
Other names:
Born: Unknown
Species: Mantis
Reality: Second
Occupation: Dancer of the bar of Ithersta
Relationships: Ziar (king)

The Mantis Dancer can be found in The Bar where he performs during the fall. The Great Wizard needs his shoes in order to help Fran get home in chapter 3.

Appearance Edit

The Mantis Dancer is a praying mantis with an anthropomorphic body. Instead of having four legs like a real-life mantis, he has two and his arms have a similar mobility to a human's arms. He always wears his dancer shoes.

Personality Edit

He shows to be very stubborn. When Fran tries to talk to him about her quest, he doesn't care and offers lemonade instead.

Trivia Edit

  • The director of Fran Bow, Natalia Figueroa, has said that if the game had voices, the one of The Mantis Dancer would have a french accent.
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