Mabuka´s Den
Chapter 5
Other names: Fifth Reality
Born: At the beginning of Time
Species: Luciferns, Kamalas
Reality: Fifth
Mabuka´s Den also know as the Fifth Reality or The House of Madness, is a realm where Mother Mabuka rules. Is strange place inhabited by mysterious and bizarre creatures.

A few rules of logic do not apply here, as buildings may be bigger on the inside than in the outside, paintings may act as doors, and disembodied eyes may move by themselves.

Locations Edit

Room 101 Edit

Similar to Fran's Room, but it is floating on thin air.

Room 102 Edit

Has a statue of Mr. Midnight. The statue can be used to build things, such as the Ekog Clock.

Room 103 Edit

Mabuka's actual den. There are demonic masks, trees and animals in there, along with Mother Mabuka herself.

From there one can access Mabuka's heart, which is actually a hospital for monsters.

Room 104 Edit

Okhula's house. It contains many lamps, and also a bunch of living eyes.

Room 105 Edit

Contains talking skulls, Itward's clothes, and a phone.


It seems to be a several of different floating structures in the middle of a purple emptiness.


  • León Castillo was shipped to the Fifth Reality, apparently he never escaped this realm.
  • The inhabitants of the Fifth reality think quite differently from humans, as they like the smell of rotten flesh, are frightened by healty humans, and can kill without remorse.