Other names: Spirits, Long faces (Fran)
Born: Unknown
Species: Luciferns
Reality: Can be found in Third, Fourth and Fifth

Luciferns are strange creatures that Fran encounters in the woods and Mabuka's Den.

Appearance Edit

They show themselves as severed heads with empty bloody eye sockets and long white hair. When their hair is brushed they turn into glowing dragonfly- like creatures, presumably fireflies . The Luciferns change appearance between realities, In the 5th reality they look similar to those in the fourth reality, but their eyes now have tiny flames inside, big red lips with tiny teeth and their hair in a now orange-like color and flaming.

Personality Edit

Luciferns seem to be very polite and naive, willing to help Fran for the small fee of having their hair combed or sometimes for nothing at all, but to simply be helpful. Often, they are curious, which will usually lead to them getting their hair tangled in trees. Though the Luciferns in the fourth reality differs from this, simply stating it's trying to grow its hair long and does not wish to be freed from the tree.

Trivia Edit

  • The Luciferns are inspired by the silk that covers trees made by silkworms.
  • The Luciferns are the only creature that exist in all realities at the same time with the single exception of changing appearance.


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