On the Itward lock, there is a special kind of numbers. These appear to work by using a base symbol with dots and lines to indicate a number.

Number formingEdit

1- Is easily made by a simple vertical line. Pronounced "ena".

2- Is the base symbol of 1 with a dot added on the top left. Pronounced "des".

3- Add another dot to the one symbol, so it should look like a line with two dots to the top left of it. Pronounced "tri".

4- Has a another vertical line with three dots to its top left. Pronounced "krat".

5- Has a symbol that looks like an E. Pronounced "shenk".

6- Adds a dot above a now extended middle point of the E. Pronounced "se".

7- Adds a dot below and above that extension. Unknown pronunciation.

8- Simply adds a vertical line on the horizontal extension and keeps the dots. Pronounced "otten".

9- Has a line between the two top lines at the right or the E whilst everything else remains the same. Pronounced "enve".

10- Is a completely new symbol with two half circles vertically stacked which meet in the middle, almost resembling a curvy X. It has a dot in the top half circle / X. Unknown pronunciation.

20- Adds a dot in the bottom half circle, so there is now a dot in the top and bottom or the X / circle. Unknown pronunciation.

30- Adds a dot to the left of the connection while the other two dots remain the same. Unknown pronunciation.

40- Removes the dot to the left of the circle / X and makes a horizontal line through the connection between the two halve circles / X, so there is now a line through the middle and a dot above and below. Unknown pronunciation.

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