Other names:
Born: Unknown
Species: Unknown
Reality: Fifth
Occupation: Lure children with the intent of consuming them

They are a specific species on the Fran Bow Universe, though they are rarely mentioned and only seen briefly in the game. They are dedicated to kidnapping children and devouring them.


She seems to take feminine forms to be more appealing to children, (Though they still have a somewhat ghastly look). She tries to convince children that she is their new mother, who will take care of them and give them happiness but in reality, she just wants to kidnap and eat the children (Possibly their souls as well).


The 'mother' attempts acting kind and sweet at first, but quickly loses her patience with Fran. As for the children, they do not speak at all during their part in the game. It can be deducted that they are either loyal to the 'mother' or afraid of her, as they constantly stand by her side. And perhaps were even children at one time, before being kidnapped and were turned into hijackers. 

Pale WomanEdit

She appears in Ithersta and is a thin skeletal woman with long black hair, which hangs down to the floor. She wears a white dress covered in blood that reaches to her ankles. Next to her are five deformed children with forced bloody grins, all clothed in white robes or tunics. The children's "mother" is the only one who ever speaks. She asks Fran to come to her, saying that she will be her mother and will take care of her. She tells Fran that she will have lots of new friends, presumably the other children. Fran refuses, saying that the pale mother is scary and that she doesn't like her. A short moment later, Mr. Midnight showing concern, asks who Fran is speaking to. When Fran points towards the woman and her "children", they fade out of existence. Fran, confused, simply says it was nothing.


  • In chapter 5, Mabuka's Den,  The woman is seen again as one of the nurse's patients.