Fran Bow Original Soundtrack
Fran Bow Original Soundtrack
Vital statistics
Type Soundtrack
Source Bandcamp, Steam store, Spotify

The Fran Bow soundtrack is currently only available on Bandcamp, Steam store and Spotify.

List of songsEdit

1. Bedtime Story

2. Finding the truth

3. Mr. Midnight 

4. The white rabbit question 

5. A little talk 

6. Black tears 

7. It hunts me 

8. Cold walls 

9. Details omitted

10. I can see 

11. Downstairs

12. Inside the children's head 

13. Lost on the path 

14. Grown up talk 

15. Duality 

16. This is the forest 

17. Sitting in company 

18. Let's start over 

19. The King of Ithersta 

20. Get rid of the dirt 

21. Ithersta green

22. The city under my eyes 

23. Philmore Paranoid 

24. Take me home 

25. When things are said 

26. She doesn't have a cat 

27. Mabuka 00:56

28. My friend is leaving 

29. It's time for Remor 

30. Big Face Lady 

31. Golden cage 

32. Itwards tango 

33. The dance with shoes on 

34. This sounds like cha-cha-cha 

35. Snail of Gold 

36. They will find you 

37. Towards light 

38. Dinner for the Troll 

39. Fluffy Toad Bun 

40. The Kamala Hunt Theme 

41. Sneaky Fran 

42. The Bow Family 

43. Between black and white 

44. Bloody mysterious 

45. Paws of the Beast


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