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This article is about the game. You may be looking for the character.
"Death is nothing more than the absence of love."
Killmonday, 2015
later in the game itward reads a story to fran bow. adding to the theory that it's all just a story and in real life its just a creative child with an imaginary friend.
Fran Bow
Other names: N/A
Developer(s): Killmonday Games HB
Publisher(s): Killmonday Games HB
Release Date(s): August 27, 2015
Designer(s): Natalia Figueroa
Programmer(s): Isak Martinsson
Writer(s): Natalia Figueroa
Composer(s): Isak Martinsson
Series: Fran Bow
Engine: Game Maker Studio
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux
Genre(s): Point and Click, Puzzle, Horror
Mode(s): Single-player

Fran Bow is a point and clicks puzzle game created and developed by Killmonday Games. It was crowd-funded through the Indiegogo platform reaching $28,295 from a goal of only $20,000. After 3 and half years of development, the game was officially released August 27 of 2015 in the platforms Steam, Gamejolt,, IndieDB and Gog.


Fran Bow tells the story of Fran, a ten year-old girl struggling with a mental disorder after witnessing the murder of her parents. Fran is committed to a Mental Institution and separated from her cat and only friend, Mr. Midnight. Fran needs to escape her imprisonment, find her cat, and get back home. Along her journey, she will try to find out who is the responsible for her parents tragedy.


Fran Bow is divided by the following chapters:

  • Chapter One: Sober Day
  • Chapter Two, Part 1: Curiosity symptoms
  • Chapter Two, Part 2: Double Personality
  • Chapter Three: Vegetative State
  • Chapter Four, Part 1: My Imaginary Friend
  • Chapter Four, Part 2: Doctor's Prescription
  • Chapter Five: The House of Madness


The gameplay is point and click, in which you have to click to walk/interact with an item/character.


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