Hello! I'm from the FNaC wiki! I have come here to help this wiki too! I have come from Colorado and my name is Diana. I LIKE to help Wikipedia's especially this one. So I'm am happy that I have joined fandom! I hope that together we can make this wiki better! I have been very hopeful that you guys would want me here! I hope it is ok with you guys if I get to stay here and help this wiki. I help wikis everywhere! So I'm happy to say that I chose this wiki as the number three top Wikipedias. If you want to check out how good I have done so far for these Wikipedia's then please check out some of the other fandom Wikipedia's! Thank you for making a great wiki for everybody to see! This wiki has been chosen for the top five: awesome wikis!
17 - 1

Kawii lil anime gurl!

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