Ektoplomatin creates a door between the subconscious and conscious.
Dr. Marcel Deern
Vital statistics
Type Medicine
Effects Allows Fran to access Ultrareality
Source Acquired in Oswald Asylum

Duotine is the brand of psychoactive pills seen throughout Fran Bow and administered to many patients of the asylum. The active ingredient is ektoplomatin, which, according to Dr. Marcel Deern, empowers the subconscious mind of the user, creating hallucinations. That can be seen in the supply room in a box.

Variants Edit

There are at least two varieties of Duotine:

  1. The yellow one, which has a low concentration of ektoplomatin and smaller side effects.
  2. The red one, which is actually nothing but pure ektoplomatin, causes, at least, severe hallucinations and may even cause users to see into the Ultrareality.

Known Users Edit