Different Galaxy
Other names: N/A
Developer(s): Killmonday Games HB
Publisher(s): Killmonday Games HB
Release Date(s):
Designer(s): Natalia Figueroa
Programmer(s): Isak Martinsson
Writer(s): Natalia Figueroa
Composer(s): Isak Martinsson
Series: Galaxy Scout
Engine: Game Maker Studio
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux
Genre(s): RGP
Mode(s): Single-player

Different Galaxy is the upcoming game of Killmonday Games.


Not much is known about the main plot aside from it being centered around a little cat scout named "Galaxy" and his adventures.


  • Galaxy
  • Diffrent
  • Hermes
  • Richard


  • It was originally planned to be named "Galaxy Scout" but because another game was already registered with the same title, Killmonday Game decided to change it.


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