Deadleeworm (2)
Other names: Deadly worms (Fran)
Born: Unknown
Species: Deadleeworm
Reality: Fourth
Occupation: Decompose organic matter from dead bodies and return it to the earth

Deadleeworms are a species of creature in the Fran Bow universe. They break down organic matter in animal corpses to give it back to the soil.


The one encountered in-game resembles a large black centipede with a face like a human skull. They appear to have arms that look like scythes, which they most likely use to dig through flesh.


Since Deadleeworms are a group of creatures rather than an individual, it's possible that they can have a variety of different personalities. The one seen in-game seems to dislike scavengers, likely because they eat corpses that Deadleeworms could otherwise decompose. However, it does not express any concern when Fran requests to climb on the moose corpse in which it is found, suggesting that it's fine with dead bodies being disturbed in non-harmful ways.


  • Only one Deadleeworm is encountered throughout the game, making it impossible to know for certain if they all look and act identically to one another or if there can be significant differences between two individuals, as with Kamalas.
  • The appearance of the one seen in-game is most likely a reference to the Grim Reaper.

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